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An inferior vena cava (IVC) filter is a small, cage-like medical device that is inserted in the inferior vena cava, the portion of the heart that takes in deoxygenated blood from the lower half of the body and brings it into the heart’s right atrium. This device is designed to prevent pulmonary embolisms, which are blockages that can create serious health problems for a patient. There are many different brands of IVC filter available, some of which have been found to have a significant risk of fracturing or migrating to other parts of a patient’s body. One brand, Cook Medical, manufactures two types of IVC filters: the Gunther Tulip and the Celect.

Any retrievable IVC filter comes with a risk of complications. When a filter is not retrieved in a timely manner, this risk becomes greater. If you have been injured by an IVC filter because it was defective, damaged, mishandled at insertion or removal or not removed in time, you could be entitled to monetary compensation for your losses through a defective medical device claim. Contact an experienced defective medical device attorney to learn more about filing a Cook IVC filter lawsuit.

Types of Cook IVC Filters

Cook Medical produces two types of IVC filter. Each has unique risks associated with its use. Talk to your doctor about the risks associated with your type of IVC filter and whether an alternative is available for you that poses fewer risks.

The Cook IVC filters currently available are:

  • The Gunther Tulip. This IVC filter has been available in Europe since 1992 and in the United States since 2003. This filter was designed to be removed three to four months after insertion. If it is not removed within this time frame, the patient’s risk of suffering from a complication related to a fracture or migration increases.
  • The Celect. This filter was approved by the FDA in 2008 to be the successor to the Gunther Tulip. However, this filter is not without its risks to patients. Its hooks have been found to become embedded in patients’ bodies, causing them to suffer from perforations in their heart and other organ tissue.

Complications that can stem from a defective or damaged IVC filter include persistent chest pain, bleeding, hemorrhaging, infection, and organ damage. In some cases, the complications from an IVC filter can lead to a wrongful death.

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